Drone Sale – DJI Phantom NEW 200$ cheaper

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  • I flew my DJI drone over the camp fire and used it as a grill lighter. It wasn't burnt ♨ Sparks flew everywhere like pigs. But it was so fucking crazy ☠

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  • Madness! 5 days ago I bought the new DJI Phantom 4 Pro Quadrocopter, yesterday the drone came from the UK. Today I was able to test it on the model airfield after instruction and calibration.
    P.S.: Sorry for being skeptical last sunday, but 1.400 euros are a lot of money for me and my family income. I will thankfully recommend you, Duke, you sly fox. Why so cheap?

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    • Hi Dieter, you crazy sky striker. Why I sell DJI's products so cheap is quite easy.
      A well trusted group of good old model aircraft and DJI enthusiasts put their money together and get an unbelievable discount by DJI and other aircraft companies. That's all.
      Thanks a lot for recommendation to other aerial friends, fans and fanatics. We are all drone pilots. :cool:

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