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    Dear Chatter of the Chatter Gallery!

    Today we installed the fast search engine "Elasticsearch" on our server. In order to create the prerequisite for this, the Java runtime environment Java OpenJDK 11 JRE with Java JRE had to be installed first. Now members, as well as guests, can quickly and efficiently find the desired search results. It should be mentioned that the Elasticsearch search function only develops its full potential from 10,000 articles, articles and/or users.

    That's why it would

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    happy Christmas to all friends, acquaintances and dates

    I wish you a merry, contemplative Christmas.

    Far from this painful commerce, because in two weeks are already the first Easter bunnies in the discount store, or Valetinstag-duds, we want to chat freely and bluntly and meet here for an exciting exchange and get-togethers.

    Please, do not forget that there are many people here and around here, near you, who are feeling very bad at Christmas.

    Lots of fun together in the most crazy chat in the

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