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Party – New Year's Eve 2018 in the Chattergallery – with chatters from all over the world

We celebrate in chat and ride the mega-party
Regardless of whether we are only 5 chatters, or 500, or 5000, let's party together.
Not only the table fireworks will be burned, also the whole shack, too. In the end, only scorched earth remained...
Wish you all a Happy New Year 2019.
Stay with us and get us, best of all healthy, happy, happy, and in love, and crazy as ever.
See you later, dear chat friends.

Lots of greets

​Janis Joplin live in the Festhalle Frankfurt - 1968 (Feast Hall)

Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix and Jim Morrison were symbolic figures of the hippie era through "Sex, Drugs and Rock'n'Roll".
Motto: "Live fast, love hard, die young". All three artists combined early death at the age of 27 and are therefore counted as "Club 27".
Janis Joplin is ranked 46th in the Rolling Stone of the 100 greatest musicians of all time, as well as ranked 28th of the 100 best singers of all time.

What are chatter meetings? 🎆 In the beginning was only Yahoo Chat

Chat meetings are spontaneous or planned encounters of at least three people who are familiar with the online chat. Flirting and dating is playing only a subordinate role, although some supposed couples in the initiation of a liaison use the informal atmosphere among many people for the first acquaintance.
Chat partys are abbreviated with CP and have the character of class meetings. The chat users meet in a small circle at home or with many people in rented rooms, such as restaurants, sports halls or in a club/disco. Sometimes the chat user are connected by a common hobby such as motorcycling, culture, camping or other professional or leisure activities.
Typically, web chat users communicate through a text chat system, or through audio and webcam. This is the time of the greatest of all chats - YAHOO.