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Here in the Chatter Gallery I've found the photo community with people photos.
The crazy Yahoo Chat was more than just hot, it was a sensation, a different world.
In the shadow world of Yahoo once millions of people met every day from all continents of the world.
No trace of terrorism, fanatism, religious zealots and misguided people. One could say that at that time was still the world in order.
In Internet world was less deceived and lied too, they helped to make faster more mutually without greed.
We celebrated parties, saw the kinkiest sexual preferences and were amused in profound discussions and exchange of informations.
The Internet world was at its peak. The major search engines were no data collectors who every day hurt our privacy.
Everything was great - Where? - In Yahoo Chat Room - Chat rooms for everyone. Free Chat.
We lived in chat rooms, chatting even from work, relationships emerged and broke in the chatroom.
Look at them - These mega cool chatter in chat.

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