Chat Commands

Glowing Mega-Drone – DJI Phantom 4

Overview of the current chat commands

Chat Command Action / Description
/away Set yourself on "absent"
/ban Nickname Block user
/unban Nickname Unlock user
/broadcast Sends message in all chat rooms at the same time
/color #FF0000 Color the nickname (All colors)
/color #FF0000 #0000CD
Nickname with gradient (e.g., red-blue)
/info Nickname Show the user's last online chat time
/me Show own user profile
/mute Nickname Mute user
/unmute Nickname Unmute user
/team Show team members who are online
/temproom create Room name (self-chosen) Create private chat room
/temproom invite Username Invite users to private room (only online chat users)
/where Nickname Chatraum des Nutzers anzeigen
/whisper Nickname PM / Private Message (opening a private chat room)

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