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    A happy, healthy, and successful year 2021

    Dear forum friends,

    One year goes - A new year rises. In this sense, I wish you only the best. Stay healthy, or get healthy when you're sick. Seek and find your happiness, whatever happiness means for each of you. Love yourself and your fellow human beings, for love is eternal, and continues to radiate from the giver to the recipient, on to the next recipient, and so on. Success is also plentiful for you, do what you want, but do it well. Above all, a lot of fun and joy with everything you start and what drives and pleases you.

    But especially, I wish you a lot of fun in our community here on the worldwide Internet, the castle and festivals "Chatter Gallery". So that good, nice people connect and inspire the world, with all their thoughts, and the knowledge of what is good, important and right.

    Hurrah, Hurrah - The New Year is here.

    People wanted from Yahoo Chat! People wanted from MSN Chat!

    We are looking for former Yahoo chatters, some of whom have been lost and cannot be found. Not even because people didn't want to be found, but more because the living conditions such as place of residence, health, life partner have changed.

    That's why we're all excited about every new member in the Chatter Gallery, whether you've ever been on Yahoo Chat or not. Being there is everything!

    For example, we are looking for Hanky from (probably) Osnabrück, or the area around Osnabrück in the years 1998 to at least 2008.

    Hanky also has a profile here in the gallery.

    Perhaps you have heard something from him, how it has fared, where you can possibly reach him virtually?

    Welcome to all of you,

    I'm glad you're there. The Forum has now been launched.

    "Everything for your fun in communicating, getting to know each other and exchanging information."

    This forum is a community, a community for All and of All.

    Every contribution contributes to making our lives more beautiful, simpler and more joyful. Whether seeking help for something, chatting, data, or simply relaxing and chilling out here, everyone can live out their lives freely.

    Enjoy it and write articles that fascinate us, interest us, make us speechless. Tell us what you've always wanted to say...

    Have a lot of fun