We're looking for you: Yahoo Chatter / MSN Chatter

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    People wanted from Yahoo Chat! People wanted from MSN Chat!

    We are looking for former Yahoo chatters, some of whom have been lost and cannot be found. Not even because people didn't want to be found, but more because the living conditions such as place of residence, health, life partner have changed.

    That's why we're all excited about every new member in the Chatter Gallery, whether you've ever been on Yahoo Chat or not. Being there is everything!

    For example, we are looking for Hanky from (probably) Osnabrück, or the area around Osnabrück in the years 1998 to at least 2008.

    Hanky also has a profile here in the gallery.

    Perhaps you have heard something from him, how it has fared, where you can possibly reach him virtually?


  • Dukemaster

    Changed the title of the thread from “We're looking for you: Yahoo Chatter” to “We're looking for you: Yahoo Chatter / MSN Chatter”.

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