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Happy Christmas – We chat harder than ever at Christmas

happy Christmas to all friends, acquaintances and dates

I wish you a merry, contemplative Christmas.

Far from this painful commerce, because in two weeks are already the first Easter bunnies in the discount store, or Valetinstag-duds, we want to chat freely and bluntly and meet here for an exciting exchange and get-togethers.

Please, do not forget that there are many people here and around here, near you, who are feeling very bad at Christmas.

Lots of fun together in the most crazy chat in the

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CHAT and more in Chattergallery

Hi to all Yahoo Chat lovers out in the world,

we are happy to introduce the new CHAT, the new fresh installed Chattergallery with all imported content of the last 12 years.

Ready for the new era of coming together in a free chat and communication world?

Finally we wish You all the best, a wonderful time...

Useable on all common devices and operation systems worldwide.

Lots of fun and Greets

:shit: ..... :cookie: ..... :monster:..... :xeno: ..... :santa:

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Images of people in the virtual world and online chat

Comeback of the international chat gallery

We are pleased that the online photo gallery with photos of people from chat is reborn.

Yahoo Chat is an unforgettable legend, also MSN chat, and the same with the heroes from Skype.

In just a few weeks we celebrate our 10th anniversary. 10 years Chattergalerie is a holiday for all chat enthusiasts.
Super, more and more people join chat photo gallery and show themselves and their photos of their life.

A lot of fun by watching pictures, chatting and

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Yahoo Chat Rooms English
Photos of people in chat rooms – Chat photos – Chatter photos

Searching a web page with Chatter Photos from the Chat Rooms of Yahoo, MSN, Skype, Paltalk, Camfrog, Knuddels, Whatsapp, etc.
Find a hot, cool Chat!
Here in the Chatter Gallery I've found the photo community with people photos.
The crazy Yahoo Chat was more than just hot, it was a sensation, a different world.
In the shadow world of Yahoo once millions of people met every day from all continents of the world.
No trace of terrorism, fanatism, religious zealots and misguided people. One could say that

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